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E-mail on alarm

ActiveView can send an e-mail whenever it detects an alarm. To configure this feature, select Administration → E-mail on alarm from the main menu.

E-mail on alarm

In the e-mail on alarm configuration, you can change the following settings:

  • E-mail notification – decides if e-mail notifications are sent (on) or not (off).
  • Recipients – recipients’ e-mail addresses, separated by commas.
  • Subject – the subject of e-mails which will be sent.
  • Heading (a text box without a label) – fixed text put at the beginning of e-mails which will be sent.
  • Contents (a series of checkboxes) – you can choose which pieces of information about the alarm the e-mail will contain. Not all information types apply to every alarm, e.g. there is no route name for a Panic alarm. If you select detection date, then it will be expressed in site time zone, if the alarm comes from a particular site, or server time zone, if it doesn't (i.e. comes from a device not linked to a site).

NOTE: In the alarm list, alarms are combined (grouped) together (one group per site). This is not the case with e-mail notifications. An e-mail is sent for every new alarm irrespective of the site it comes from.

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