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A company in ActiveView has a list of employees. Combined with employee identifiers and ActiveGuard devices, it can be used to keep track of employees’ work time.

There are two ways in which you can open an employee list:

  • select Management → Employees in the main menu to open a complete employee list (i.e. a list of employees of all companies);
  • click Employees on the company details panel to open the company’s employee list.

In both lists, you can create a new employee and edit or remove an existing one.

Company details,employee list and employee details

Every employee has the following properties:

  • Title
  • Name – employee name. It has to be unique within the employee’s company.
  • Position
  • Details
  • Phone number
  • Phone number (secondary)
  • E-mail
  • Company – the employee’s company. It is set when the employee is created and cannot be changed later.
  • Personal Id
  • Identifiers - employee’s identifiers (e.g. employee badge or fingerprint template)

After you have created an employee, you can assign an employee identifier. See Tags or FPX-finger print for details.

Removing an employee

Removing an employee does not affect past events. They are still available unchanged in the alarm browser and in the reports.

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