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Text message on alarm

ActiveView can send a text message whenever it detects an alarm. To configure this feature, select Administration → Text msg on alarm in the main menu.

Text message on alarm

In the Text msg on alarm configuration, you can change the following settings:

  • Text message notification – decides if text message notifications are sent (on) or not (off).
  • Recipients – recipients’ phone numbers, separated by commas.
  • Heading – fixed text put at the beginning of text messages which will be sent.
  • Contents (a series of checkboxes) – you can choose which pieces of information about the alarm the text message will contain. Not all information types apply to every alarm, e.g. there is no route name for a Panic alarm.

If the message that is generated exceeds 160 characters, it is divided and sent in as many text messages as needed.

Besides recipients set in the Text msg on alarm configuration, notification text messages are sent to site contacts (if text message notifications are turned on). More specifically, if:

  • an alarm occurs from a site, and
  • a contact person is linked to this site, and
  • the contact person has sending text message notifications turned on for any of his or her phone numbers,

then a text message notification is sent to that number (or numbers).

NOTE: In the alarm list, alarms are combined (grouped) together (one group per site). This is not the case with text message notifications. A text message is sent for every new alarm irrespective of the site it comes from.

SMS notification are for devices added to company and site.

If you want recive SMS notification for choosen sites. Please add contact to company, set up a SMS notification (chceckbox).


Contact add to site.


Choose which notification you need for site.


NOTE: SMS notification works only when account have dedicated device for sending notification (transponder). To activate it please contact system administrator and supply information about account name and serial number of device to be used as transponder.

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