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User menu

In the top right corner, there is the user menu available (click on your user name to open it).

User menu

There are the following options in the user menu:

  • Logout – logs the user out of the application.
  • Change password – allows the current user to change his/her password.
  • Settings – opens a panel with the current user’s settings.

User settings

The user settings affect the look and feel of the application.

User settings

There are two types of those settings:

  • Browser settings are stored in the browser (i.e. not on the server). This means they do not follow the user when he/she changes computers. You can, for example, have different settings on a laptop and on a tablet.
  • User settings are stored on the server and follow the user. This means that the user has the same settings on every device he/she uses to log in to the application.

There are the following user settings:

  • Language [stored in the browser] – the language of the user interface.
  • Skin (graphical theme) [stored in the browser] – set of colours, icons, etc. used by the user interface.
  • Animation effects [stored in the browser] – if turned on, panels slide smoothly, fade in and out, etc.
  • Table record open [stored in the browser] – affects the way the details of items in lists are opened: with a single or a double click on an item.
  • Number of rows per table page [stored in the browser] – the number of rows displayed on a single page of a paged list (table). This setting allows the adjustment of list panels to screen height.
  • Maximum number of points on tracking view [stored in the browser] – the maximum number of nodes of a device trace, shown on a map. See Devices for details. This setting allows the adjustment of trace accuracy to browser performance.
  • Default CSV separator [stored on the server] – the default separator character used in CSV files generated by the application.
  • Time zone [stored on the server] – the time zone used to present time in the application. It affects alarm list, event list, reports and route definitions.
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