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Active View Sp. z o.o. emerged from EBS, a worldwide leader and specialist in security and monitoring solutions.

Active View provides real-time personnel management solutions. With our specialized enterprise-level web-based monitoring platform and application, together with our renowned hardware portfolio, from using Active Track devices and Getnord rugged phones, we equip companies with the best available tools for reporting and monitoring while also being able to provide a sense of security and safety to the people in the field.

In addition, we also give flexibility to our partners and clients to use other available mobile phones in the market and integrate our monitoring platform into other software following the trend of a connected world and IoT. Our solutions are used in different applications such as in the Security industry having the foremost cases of implementation.

We also offer Active View in other industries such as health care, asset management and delivery, real estate, utility companies, and many others. Our centralized monitoring and security solutions have been used in over 60 countries around the world and have received many commendations from the biggest industry players.

Active View offers essential solutions for many companies that value efficiency of work performance, effectiveness, savings, and of course the security and safety of their people as well as their assets.

Krzysztof Zawada

Member of the Management Board of Active View Sp. z o.o.

ITC manager with 30 years of experience in sales, implementation, and project management in well-known international companies.

Valdemaras Narkovicius

Member of the Management Board of Active View Sp. z o.o.

Valdemaras has been conducting sales projects in the field of security solutions and advanced technologies for many years. He gained experience by leading multi-person sales teams and managing companies.

Marian Noche Cabrera

Sales Director of Active View Sp. z o.o

Experienced International Sales and Business Development professional with extensive field knowhows in different countries.


The Active View ecosystem consists of two hardware products, a mobile application and an online platform. Thanks to this complete solution we are able to deliver high quality results of real time monitoring to different industries like Security, Health, Logistics and Education.

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