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Configuring the device

An Active Track device can be configured in two ways: by using a set of AGP3 cables or by sending text message to the device's card number.

You can watch the video presenting how to configure the Active Track device:

How to configure the Active Track device

Upload device setting by mobile phone

Insert SIM card without PIN CODE to charged device then send text to it.

Example of message: 1111 SERVER= PORT=7407 APN=internet KILL

NOTE: APN depends on GSM provider. SIM card must have credit to connect server by GPRS.

Upload setting by GPRS transmitter configurator

  • In order to configure a transmitter using the GPRS Transmitter Configurator, please download the program from the website, after registering:
  • Link device to PC like below. Panic button should flashing. Use AGP3 set plus RS232/USB adapter.

  • Find the Serial Port number.

  • Set up the Serial Port in GPRS transmitter configurator.

  • File out the Server address, Port and APN then press red arrow.

  • Unplug adapter with cable. Insert SIM card. Remember to change PIN Code or remove it.

We configure Active Guard device in the same way, only we set different server port - 7409.

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